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Welcome to:
Parrot Bay Rescue
 PO Box 1853
Winnemucca, NV 89446
Phone : 775-625-0812
Parrot Bay Rescue Foundation is a parrot sanctuary, We rehabilitate parrots and provide permanent placement for parrots in need.
We provide basic parrot care classes by appointment, we teach proper feeding, Cage care and parrot enrichment.
Our residents are former pets, most parrots are compulsive purchases and the owner then discovers that parrots are loud, messy and require a lot of attention. PBRF receives birds that are Malnourished do to poor diet, most have never had fruit or vegetables.  Parrots should not eat just a seed diet, they must have safe fruit and vegetables everyday.

Parrot Bay Rescue Foundation is a
501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization


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  How your donation helps: 
  • $25 can pay for: Enrichment Items
  • $100 can pay for: Food and Treats
  • $250 can pay for: Medical Needs
  • $500 can pay for: Parrot Housing
  • $1000 can pay for: Aviary Maintenance
  • $5000 can pay for: Aviary Construction